April 5th 2022

Case Studies for ESI Reports

No matter how much you love it, there's a certain amount of risk that comes with working in the world of business. After all, more than 90% of start-ups fail. That's a sobering statistic, and it stands to reason that the more you know before diving in, the better your odds are of success. But how do you get that kind of insight?

The answer is simple: use myNexus ESI Reports.

ESI Reports is a fun and unique tool for entrepreneurs, accelerators and incubators, corporates, and universities to get personality insights that help improve success. With robust options for measuring entrepreneurial skills and capabilities, myNexus ESI Reports helps businesses improve the 90% failure rate by understanding themselves better - for free.

Outputs and Benefits of ESI Reports

Accelerators and Incubators

Find new solutions to your challenges, the Cohort Reporting tool helps target support and improve effectiveness of your programme content, by measuring the skills and potential of your cohort members. Read more in our case study.

Schools and Universities

Engage students of all abilities and track their entrepreneurial skills to understand the impact of teaching on learning. The ESI game is an open-access resource for students. Read more in our case study.

Enterprise and SME application

Measure whether teams or individuals have the potential for intrapreneurship and innovation. Develop leaders, and keep or build a competitive edge. Read more in our case study.

Angel Investors, Private Equity and Venture Capital

Benchmark individuals and teams to understand their potential for success. Evaluate your prospects at a personality level to give context to their business plans before you invest. Read more in our case study.

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To learn more about the Entrepreneurial Skills Index game visit entrepreneurskillsindex.com/solutions/esi-game, or to jump right into your personalised report register for free at esi-reports.mynexus.app/register

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We've compiled this handy article that explains what a report contains from direct development ideas, to insights comparing your scores to the index scales.

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