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We’ve innovated a smarter and faster way for growth entrepreneurs to get the investment they need, and for investors to find businesses that fit their ambitions and skills.

The science is clear: a business is just as likely to fail with or without investment, unless that investment comes with a skills and resource match.

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How we do it

For every ten companies receiving investment 50% fail, 40% return their investment and only 10% achieve significant returns.

We’ve redesigned the growth investment process from start to finish so that:

  • both parties can reliably establish trust quicker
  • quality can be evaluated more simply and effectively
  • the human connection is prioritised

Our users are either Entrepreneurs or Investreneurs™


As an Entrepreneur you are looking for quick access to the things that will help you grow your business.

  • Access support with decision-making impact earlier
  • Smart-match to investors that understand you and your profile
  • Get the edge by measuring your Entrepreneur Skills and demonstrate how these align to your plans


Proof of Concept

You’re very early stage. You might have invested a little money in the market research or customer validation but you’re not yet generating revenue and haven’t set up any operations.

Start Ups

You’ve started to commercialise your idea, and you may or may not be generating revenue yet. You’re actively promoting the business, setting up your operations and trying to get off the ground.

Scale Ups

You’ve achieved MVP, established your operations and are on the cusp of next-level growth. You could be a young company moving from start-up or you could be a more established business with big growth potential. At this stage you’re making revenue.

Investreneurs ™

As an InvestreneurTM you are looking for easy access to diverse businesses that are the perfect fit for you and your ambitions.

  • Get involved with businesses before they make key decisions affecting their investability
  • Smart-match to entrepreneurs that fit your preferences and reduce time dealing with those that don’t
  • Evaluate opportunities by evaluating the people first, informing your view of the business plans



Individual investors with a variety of experience up to sophisticated investors and HNWI. You bring skills and expertise through business success as well as access to a network. You may or may not want a seat at the table


Groups of individuals, and funds of one brand e.g. family fund, individual accelerator funds, corporate VCs, angel groups and networks. Usually categorised by a lead investor and some interested parties.


Professionally managed diversified funds, private wealth and traditional forms of finance. You most likely to have defined pitch and due diligence processes, require seats on the board, and others.

About us

Our vision is to be the UK’s leading Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

We’re innovation technology-led and customer-focused, driven by our three core values: simplicity, capability and trust.


Our Goals

Reduce bias in the funding process and increase access to more diverse business opportunities

Provide intelligent matching that gives a business what it actually needs to enable success, at the right time in the journey

Increase the quality of investment relationships to improve the success rate of growth business

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