June 29th 2022

Business assessments by Frisk

Frisk is a free evaluation tool for businesses to better understand their business maturity and demonstrate this for investors, accelerators and business support providers.

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Businesses can use Frisk to evaluate opportunity, mitigate risk, and reassure investors about the status of their investments. Frisk uses over 300 data points to compile a personalised credit-score style rating, and all of this takes less that 15 minutes to complete.

Business maturity - FQ Score

The Frisk Quotient comprises of essential components of a business. It evaluates opportunity, capability and value of your enterprise. It assesses your business model, access to resources, revenue generation capabilities and much more.

Investment readiness - FQInvestment Score

Your FQI score assesses your fundraising skills and exit strategy, analysing how ready you are to have conversations with investors and manage the financial situation of your venture.

The time to evaluate your business maturity and investment readiness is here!

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