myNexus Story

We believe that something is wrong.

It’s too hard for early-stage businesses and potential investors to get together and do deals. Getting investment into a business absorbs a lot of time, and a lot of money – and there’s no guarantee of results.

At this stage in a business you’re “investing in the people”. So why do we have a system where to find your match you have to go through an endless pitch process that’s made harder by our own biases, and even then (whether you’re an investor or an entrepreneur) there are few tools to validate if everyone can do what they say they can.

We’ve spent a lot of time asking what people really want because from our first-hand experience we’d encountered far too much wasted time and missed opportunity. And don’t get us started on how many emerging problems we encountered post-deal that were obscured by the process of investment.

Co-founded by Gaynor Matthews and James McMillan, myNexus was created because we wanted to really make a difference. Our answer is to speed up the networking process, smart-match everyone to greater opportunity faster, and provide tools that help you validate the people not just the business.

Because if you really think about it most of the alternatives are just putting a plaster over the problems, when you really need something that treats the root causes.

myNexus Goals

It really is about time that the investment process benefited from innovation.

All too often we hear complaints of underfunded minority groups, inaccessibility of investment outside of London, and deals going wrong because of the lack of cash, capacity or capability.

Our vision is to consolidate the market fragmentation to improve the experience for everyone and specifically:

  • Reduce bias in the funding process and increase access to more diverse business opportunities.
  • Provide better access to the resources needed to grow entrepreneurial skills and become ‘investment ready’.
  • Help everyone get behind the pitch deck to understand fit and enable higher quality pre-deal due diligence.

myNexus Team

As you’d expect we’ve got an incredible amount of technology experience as well as entrepreneurship and investment. Collectively our team has been responsible for developing payment platforms at Visa Europe such as ApplePay, to launching Google around the world and getting Eventbrite to market.

You can find out more about the co-founders, team and board members by clicking through to their LinkedIn profiles.

James McMillan



Gaynor Matthews



Dean Whitehouse



Dr. Steve Perry



Wendy Martin



Marion Gamel



Rekha Mehr MBE

Board Advisor


David Morgan

Board Advisor

myNexus Partners

We work with lots of fantastic organisations in our ecosystem to improve the value exchange offered to entrepreneurs and investors. If you’re interested in becoming a partner of myNexus

Contact myNexus at

Connect easily

Onboard to myNexus Connect in less than 2 minutes. Simple preferences form the foundation of your smart-matches to cut through the fragmented opportunities.

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Get personal

Complete personal and account profiles so that matches can quickly rule you in or out. Not just investability flags but elaborating on your likes and dislikes to avoid wasted time upfront.

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Validate potential

Use the myNexus ESI scores to mitigate risk. Compare skills sets to industry norms, and evaluate if the relationship combination compliments the ambitions of both parties.

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Build trust fast

Avoid getting into a relationship when under pressure but connecting and networking with other users sooner in the process. Help each other to be investment ready before you get there.

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