• 5 daily connexion requests
  • Essential Investability Showcase (1 question)
  • Basic Search Filters
  • Messaging & Investreneur™ updates


£75/month (incl. VAT)

  • Unlimited daily connexion requests
  • Additional associated users: up to 4
  • Enhanced Investability Showcase (10 questions)
  • Pitch video upload
  • Extra Search Filters
  • Verify my personal ID
  • Personal myNexusESI score report
  • Team myNexusESI report

Basic FREE

  • Free-for-life access

    Stay in touch with warm Connexions through messaging and updates on your activity

  • Simple account management

    Keep things simple by only having one account admin but show as many key team members as you like

  • Showcase only the fundamentals

    Limit the information on your profile with the basic investability showcase: Your investreneur™ experience

  • Search on the key information

    Restrict search to your core preferences to give laser focus

  • Unlimited myNexus Smart-Matching

  • Access myNexus ESI scores to validate fit

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Pro £75/month (incl. VAT)

  • Get insight as well as analysis

    Link your myNexusESI scores to the Connect system and get a combined team report on your traits to match with the right entrepreneurs

  • Ultimate account management

    Invite up to 4 other users to help you administer the account and respond to messages

  • Full investability showcase

    Screen entrepreneurs up-front by telling them what you look for in a team, and an opportunity

  • Search with ease

    Extra search filters allowing you to explore beyond your standard match criteria and explore the art of the possible

  • Unlimited myNexus Smart-Matching

  • Access myNexus ESI scores to validate fit

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We know that for many entrepreneurs the biggest barrier is that you need to have money in order to get money.

Many platforms and services will charge money upfront just to put your information into their format, and some will also take a percentage success fee if you raise investment.

At myNexus we believe everyone should have FREE access to a Basic account - for life. With us, if you’re actively fundraising you simply pay a subscription that you can upgrade and downgrade as you need. And we don’t charge a success fee. Ever.

In the downtime between fundraises keep your Connexions updated with progress and milestones, and network with connections that will help you get to your next goal.


myNexus Bulk

If you are from a large organisation and want to speak about a large number of user licenses or myNexus ESI pricing plans please email us at

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Connect easily

Onboard to myNexus Connect in less than 2 minutes. Simple preferences form the foundation of your smart-matches to cut through the fragmented opportunities.

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Get personal

Complete personal and account profiles so that matches can quickly rule you in or out. Not just investability flags but elaborating on your likes and dislikes to avoid wasted time upfront.

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Validate potential

Use the myNexus ESI scores to mitigate risk. Compare skills sets to industry norms, and evaluate if the relationship combination compliments the ambitions of both parties.

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Build trust fast

Avoid getting into a relationship when under pressure but connecting and networking with other users sooner in the process. Help each other to be investment ready before you get there.

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