Why Investreneurs need to showcase their ‘investability’

Traditionally speaking, the onus has always been on the Entrepreneur to showcase themselves, their business, their capabilities…the list goes on. Often referred to as ‘jumping through hoops’ Entrepreneurs have been adapting to this requirement and the traditional pitch event has lost its effectiveness. It’s become commonplace for businesses to put their best salesperson forward to do the pitch, and those that don’t are written off even though the people and the business may be highly investable.

The process as a whole is also biased. Firstly, just like interviewing job candidates pitches can result in a PLU (People Like Us) catastrophe, where you only feel comfortable looking at those who are, well, like you (unconscious bias)!

The second part then is that as a potential investor or partner for those businesses you will also suffer from making a snap judgement and then confirming to yourself that your evaluation is already correct (confirmatory bias). For example, if you haven’t warmed to a business idea, you’re more likely to ask negatively posed questions to confirm what you already think, than to ask positively framed questions that might elicit new evidence or information.

Introducing the myNexus Investability Showcase

At myNexus we believe that Entrepreneurs can do this differently and more effectively than the traditional pitch. But what about you? An Entrepreneur may be a superb fit for you, but if you are not a good fit for them then this is equally as damaging for a future relationship and a huge waste of your time and resources. Correcting mistakes later on is expensive.

It was for this reason we created a short, simple, focused Investability Showcase for Investreneurs. It tells Entrepreneurs what you look for in your business interests beyond smart-matching criteria, so that they can self-select not to contact you if you’re looking for something that isn’t them.

We make this work by restricting your answers to 200 words because:

  1. You don’t have the time to be writing ‘War & Peace’…
  2. You don’t want your profile to be so wordy it isn’t read (making the whole point of cleverly filtering down the opportunities redundant!)

Completing your showcase

Essential Showcase (requires BASIC account)

Investreneur Experience All Investreneur accounts have access to the Investreneur Experience. This is the space to tell potential connexions about you past and present investments. Failures are just as important as successes, and particularly what you’ve learned along the way. It’s not always about the money you’ve invested. Investreneurs have often made businesses successful by investing their time or skills. Help an Entrepreneur understand whether you have the right experience for them, which supplements your personal, career, and team profile, information.

Enhanced Showcase (requires PRO account)

What do you look for in a management team?Going beyond the basic will help guide Entrepreneurs to what you would want them to demonstrate in order to connect with them. What’s important to you could be personality trait based, skills based, or maybe even the make up or structure of a team.

What do you look for in an opportunity?Subtly different to your experience and your smart-match preferences, this answer guides an Entrepreneur to your view of how you qualify your opportunities. What aspects of a business would make you connect or decline an opportunity?