Which Investreneur™ am I?

An Investreneur™ can be many things – a source of potential funding, access to experience and network, or even an extra pair of hands to sit on the board.

myNexus has 3 different Investreneur™ accounts and you might be attached to a number of these. For instance, you might get involved in businesses on your own or you could be a member of an angel network.


You’re anything from a first time equity investor, through to a sophisticated investor or HNWI. You bring skills and expertise through business success as well as access to a network. You may or may not want a seat at the table


You’re a group of individual investors working together, or funds of one brand. You might represent a family fund, accelerator fund, a corporate VC, or angel groups and networks. Usually categorised by a lead investor and affiliated interested parties.


You’re a professionally managed diversified fund, private wealth or traditional form of finance. You most likely have a defined pitch and due diligence process, require seats on the board, or have other conditions of investment.