Which Entrepreneur am I?

To us, businesses are individual – we don’t all fit in neat little boxes. You could be an established business but you’re launching something entirely new, so how do you identify where you fit?

myNexus has three different Entrepreneur account types, explained in plain English, that describe the characteristics of your stage of growth:

Proof of Concept

You’re very early stage. You might have invested a little money in the market research or customer validation but you’re not yet generating revenue and haven’t set up any operations.


You’ve started to commercialise your idea, and you may or may not be generating revenue yet. You’re actively promoting the business, setting up your operations and trying to get off the ground.


You’ve achieved MVP, established your operations and are on the cusp of next-level growth. You could be a young company moving from start-up or you could be a more established business with big growth potential. At this stage you’re making revenue.