Entrepreneurs and Investreneurs™

myNexus was created with one central concept in mind: that whether you are a shareholder or an executive you’re investing something in the business.

The combination of cash, capacity and capability is what makes a business truly successful, and so our users fall in to two groups:


As an Entrepreneur you are looking for quick access to the things that will help you grow your business.

Whether it’s funding, a way to assess and close gaps in the skills of the team, or access to business contacts that can open doors, you need to connect with the right people quickly.

You’ve got an established business or business idea you truly believe in and your whole career experience has shaped that vision.

You’re more than just a business owner.

You’re an Entrepreneur.


As an Investreneur™ you are looking for easy access to diverse businesses that are the perfect fit for you and your ambitions.

Whether it’s a non-executive director position, investing cash in a business, or simply broadening your network, you need a hassle-free way to connect.

You’re not just experienced. You also have a rich network that could really help a business succeed. You have innate entrepreneurial skills that you’ve acquired through your actions and career.

You’re more than a source of equity.

You’re an Investreneur™.