Welcome to intelligence

At myNexus we like to make the complex simple.

Being an entrepreneur or an Investreneur is a tough gig. There is too much information, too many places to network, too fragmented an ecosystem, and don’t get us started on the endless funding initiatives, business incubation programmes, and entrepreneurial working groups…the list goes on.

It’s no wonder that the process to secure investment for growth business is protracted and costly.

myNexus intelligence intends to cut through all this:

  • We’ll curate the best articles and insight from across the ecosystem;
  • We’ll provide hints, tips and guides to getting the most out of our platform; and,
  • We’ll show case real life stories, practical advice from the boots on the ground on how to really be investment ready.

We don’t just smart-match you to the right connections, we smart match you to knowledge too.

Welcome, to myNexus intelligence