The Dawn of myNexus EOS- release notes 1.9.1 (Alpha)

The word Nexus, meaning a connection or series of connections linking two or more things, has its roots in Latin.

It’s perhaps unsurprising then that given one of our goals is to improve bias in the early stage investment market, we’ve turned to the names of goddesses as a naming convention for our platform releases.


Goddess of the dawn, she rose each morning from her home at the edge of the Oceanus and opened the gates of heaven to allow the sun to rise.

For us at myNexus Eos represents so many things.

We’re embarking on the start of our own journey, the daybreak, with the very first release of our platform.

In a place where entrepreneurs and investors have often said they feel like they’re stumbling around in the dark, it feels as though we are truly trying to let the light in, and let people see what’s really going on.

We’re also willing the investment industry to usher in a new dawn when it comes to early-stage growth businesses, by designing a platform that gets to the core of what everyone needs, in a process that hasn’t seen a technological transformation the way many other industries have.

Eos was also a Titaness. ‘Nuff said.

Release notes

At Alpha stage the platform is closed to our invited testers. If you want to be invited to the Beta test over the summer 2020 then you can pre-register here.


  • Sign-up to the platform
  • Select account type
  • Choose account display name
  • Select funding options
  • Select value-add options
  • Select industries
  • Select business location
  • Select operating locations
  • Select matching preferences

Personal Information

  • Provide a personal statement on what makes you great
  • Provide a career experience summary
  • Link to personal social media accounts
  • Upload personal profile picture

Account Profile

Account Details, Logo, Social Media

  • Change your account display name
  • Add a website URL
  • Upload a profile logo / image
  • Link to professional social media accounts

Key Team Members

  • Name key team members
  • Link to LinkedIn profiles
  • Connect to admin accounts

Investability Showcase

  • 10-point question set for Entrepreneurs
  • 3-point question set for Investreneurs™

Pitch Showcase

  • Pitch deck upload
  • Pitch video upload