Making your pitch memorable

We know how hard it can be to put a pitch together. One person’s pitch is another person’s trash. So how do you navigate that?

Pitch Decks

Pitch decks are best when they’re short. They’re at their most user friendly when:

  • they use pictures and graphics to communicate, reducing the word count
  • they tell a story – don’t be afraid to switch around the order of the pages to make better sense of the information
  • they are engaging and intriguing to the reader, making them want to know more
  • they don’t give away the crown jewels! Your trade secrets are your trade secrets.

If you want some tips on what to include check out the additional tips for pitch videos below (to help with structure) and two of our favourite resources:

Templates from Canva

or this deceptively simple pitch deck from Y Combinator

Pitch Videos

Videos have the power to communicate more information, in a much faster and more human way than a pitch deck. You don’t have to be a TV presenter or a videographer to make one – all you need is a smartphone.

We recommend looking at the Natwest Pitch App (available on iOS) which allows you to stitch together snippets of video to make one pitch. Meaning you can easily swap out a section as things change. You can also upload videos already recorded in to the app.


The pitch app follows a simple structure and lots of hints and tips on how to record the best pitch.

HookSomething to grab the attention of your audience e.g. a fact or rhetorical question
ProblemWhat is the problem you’re solving or your target customers poor experience?
SolutionWhat is it your business idea and how does it address the problem?
OpportunityHow big is the market / customer base?
Business ModelHow will you make money?
TeamWhat skills and expertise do your team have that make you the best placed to deliver your vision?
AskWhat do you want from your audience e.g. referral, investment, contacts?

Don’t believe us? Here’s an 80 second pitch video from our CEO that took less than 10 minutes to film… Yes, it’s done in lockdown and his hair is a mess, but it doesn’t need to be polished to be effective!