Find Out Your Entrepreneur Skills Index Score

myNexus is launching a world-first Entrepreneur Skills Index that can measure both the entrepreneurial potential and entrepreneurial skillset of individuals.  

We’re having the game scientifically validated so we are seeking testers to download and play the game as well as take two psychometric tests. 

The game simulates running a business. Testers will find out from their game play a measure of their entrepreneurial style, and they will get scores across 9 different skills and traits (e.g. creativity, need for autonomy, calculated risk, etc.) 

Once all is complete we’ll provide participants with a 25+ page report outlining:

  • Detailed insights into their 9 skills and traits
  • An overall measure of entrepreneurial competency
  • An overall measure of entrepreneurial potential
  • An entrepreneur type
  • and for all of the above explanations, descriptions and development areas if they’re considering entrepreneurship

***UPDATE APRIL 2021***

We’ve filled Cohort 1 and are recruiting for cohort 2 and 3 (each 100 entrepreneurs)!