Explaining yourself in 200 words – getting the most out of your investability showcase

Two-hundred words.

It sounds like a little, but it is really a lot.

Two-hundred words is approximately half a side of A4, or about three to four concise paragraphs.

What could you do with two-hundred words? Well…you could write a focused and directed complaint letter, or pen a love letter to your ‘other half’ to leave for them as a surprise before work, or perhaps write a note of thanks to someone for that unexpected gift when you initially chose to just send a text.

Two-hundred words has the power to change a decision from ‘no’ to ‘yes’ when you thought it was practically impossible. Two-hundred words can be used to create a connection and an emotional response. Two-hundred words can make things happen when five-hundred words would simply confuse or annoy.

Two-hundred words can also be used to complete most profile fields on myNexus – because we believe that getting to the point and being direct is what helps relationships grow better and faster.

So, we obviously had to go and prove the point didn’t we? If you want to check what two-hundred words looks like, you don’t need to Google, just read this article. It’s two-hundred words. Exactly.