Discover myNexus EOS – release notes 1.10.0 (Alpha)

Following hot on the heels of our first release EOS 1.9.1 our next major version sees core functionality of the platform expanded for our Alpha test cohort.

Our testing has already seen multiple minor improvements and below is the summary of what’s hot and what’s to come.

Release Notes

At Alpha stage the platform is closed to our invited testers. If you want to be invited to the Beta test over the summer 2020 then you can pre-register here.

New features



  • Subscription, Analytics and Entrepreneur Skills Index placeholder tiles added


  • View your opportunities to see smart-matches
  • Click through to view profiles

Profile Pages

  • View profile of matches
  • Click to connect and message


  • Message matches
  • Approve connections
  • Revoke access for connections
  • Report account
  • View pitch
  • See profile
  • Messaging insights


  • Filters for searching matches outside criteria entered at onboarding
  • Click through to view profiles


  • Profile Activity
  • Industry popularity
  • Make-up of users
  • Primary location


Personal Settings

  • Update marketing preferences
  • Change login details
  • See your associated accounts

Account Settings

  • Update account type
  • Update Smart-Match Preferences

Fixes and improvements

  • Site wide help tips added to Investability Showcase, Updates entry field, Pitch Showcase, Personal Info, etc.
  • Onboarding help tips and articles
  • Terms & Conditions pop up now appears if latest terms haven’t been agreed.
  • Account selection now shows logos
  • Iconography use has been standardised across user account types
  • Cache buster added so users don’t have to clear their cache to refresh new features
  • Profile completion % updates