ASTRAEA is born – Release notes 2.0.0 (Beta)

Goddess Astraea

For those of you following our journey you’ll know that our Alpha release 1.0 was named EOS – a goddess of the dawn, she represented for us the beginning of a new era in investment for entrepreneurs.

Release 2.0 to our closed Beta programme is fittingly named ASTRAEA, she was daughter of Eos and Astraeus. Goddess of justice, her character traits are themed around excellence, learning, knowledge and reason – and that’s what makes her the perfect choice.

myNexus is about empowering entrepreneurs and potential investors to gain knowledge. By providing access to data upfront our vision is to rebalance the justice within pre-series A investment so that everyone can access the ideal match for them.

ASTRAEA release date Monday 21st September 2020

Release Notes

We’re unlikely to make a release this chunky for a little while! We extended our sprints so rather than releasing piece by piece, we opted for a bumper release where everything was included. We know you’re probably excitedly updating all of your Apple products, so you can rest easy knowing that our release will be ready on Monday 😉

Functionality, features, innovation on the fly – it’s all here.

New Features


Welcome accordion
  • Links will take you directly to tabs within settings from the welcome messages AND from the progress bar
  • Subscription features to upgrade direct from dashboard
  • Visible profile viewer analytics and link through to analytics
  • **New** myNexus Entrepreneur Skills Index information


  • Huge upgrade to profile page layout and design
  • **NEW** View personal profile information for users associated with an entity
  • New link to Companies House for more information


  • Detailed information on the myNexus ESI


  • Sign-up to different mailing lists and amend your contact preferences
  • **NEW** weekly explore email alerts
  • Email verification system
  • Export personal data
  • Delete personal profile
Account Connexions
  • Invite users to link your profiles to show who you are working with
Investability Showcase
  • View your profile as a user
  • Export entity account data
  • Delete entity account
  • Payment details
  • Invoice downloads
  • Upgrade subscription
  • Downgrade subscription
  • Invite new admin users based on subscription
  • Manage users
  • Add new users
  • Delete users

Help & Support

  • Contact Us is now our help portal
  • **NEW** FAQs and how-to’s

Fixes and improvements

  • Replacement of all that annoying Lorem Ipsum *eyeroll*
  • Addition of account image to the display tile in Opportunities and Explore
  • Improved the design of onboarding icons styled for better visibility
  • Updated email content
  • Contact Us is now our help portal
  • UI updates throughout (how many can you spot?!)
  • Additional Companies House data on PSCs and Directors
  • Updating your email address will automatically talk to our email distribution software (because it probably should!)