Connect easily

Onboard to myNexus Connect in less than 2 minutes. Simple preferences form the foundation of your smart-matches to cut through the fragmented opportunities.

Get personal

Complete personal and account profiles so that matches can quickly rule you in or out. Not just investability flags but elaborating on your likes and dislikes to avoid wasted time upfront.

Build trust fast

Avoid getting into a relationship when under pressure but connecting and networking with other users sooner in the process. Help each other to be investment ready before you get there.

Keep in touch

Connect your profile with others and follow updates and milestones. Use these points of evidence to observe progress and achievement, evaluating quality as you go.

Validate potential

Use the myNexus ESI scores to mitigate risk. Compare skills sets to industry norms, and evaluate if the relationship combination compliments the ambitions of both parties.

Control data

Verify that you are who you say you are with personal ID checks, control the information you share by approving Connexions, and export or delete your data at the click of a button.



ESI Scores

Verify ID

Personal Profiles

Business Info

Investability Showcase



myNexus Connect consists of two main elements (1) your personal profile, and (2) your Entrepreneur or Investreneur™ Account.

Onboard in less than 2 mins and enter your preferences for an ideal relationship. Then take your time to get your profile right and attract the right matches for you and your ambitions.

Easy to use, feature rich

Link team members to your profile, provide career history via LinkedIn, pre-populate your business information, verify your ID, and much more

Investability showcase

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an investreneurTM showcase yourself, your skills and what you bring and want in a potential relationship

Valued content

Upload a pitch deck, a short and focused pitch video to showcase you or your organisation, and provide updates on what you’re doing and looking for

myNexus ESI

Download and play the myNexus Entrepreneurial Skills Index Challenge.

Your myNexusESI score can be used in conjunction with our select partners plus enhance your network matches and improve the selection of who you work with.

Dynamic simulation

Demonstrate your skills by running your own start-up and dealing with emerging risk & opportunity

Personal Report

Get an analytical report on your entrepreneurial skills and traits identifying what characterises you and highlighting areas that are a barrier to your success

Share & compare

See analytics of how you compare to your industry or similar people, and share to find complementary or analogous skills matches


Let us take the hard work out of finding opportunities as we smart-match you to the things you need, as well as the things you want.

Depending on your myNexus Network preferences, profile and myNexusESI score our technology will give you breadth as well as depth of opportunity.

Intelligent matches

Access a range of opportunities that are tailored to your profile and preferences whether it’s cash, capacity or capability led

Curate your own

Consider ‘near-misses’ and ‘wild-cards’ that you might not ordinarily access via our enhanced search and filter mechanism

Link your ESI data

By linking your game data you can be matched on skills and capabilities, helping you screen for relationship fit upfront


Use data and resources to super-charge your experience.

In consolidating the ecosystem we work hard to bring you access to the things you need to succeed. Sometimes that can be insight that informs your decision making.

Profile analytics

Monitor profile views, messaging frequency and all the usual stuff you’d expect to see to help you optimise your success

Network insights

Aggregated insight data on industry and sector trends, plus the make-up of our users and what they’re looking for

Resources and guides

Access resources, discounts and learning materials via our network of carefully selected ecosystem partners

myNexus User Plans

We’re reducing financial barriers to accessing the entrepreneurial ecosystem to help eliminate systemic bias in the investment process. All our users can sign up for a free-for-life BASIC account

You can upgrade and downgrade easily as you need. Giving you the control and ensuring you only pay for genuine value you actually receive.


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