Screenshot of myNexus ESI Screenshot of myNexus ESI
Screenshot of myNexus ESI

Gap analysis

Detailed reports on your strengths and weaknesses so you can focus your plans.


Compare with industry averages and see whether the presence or absence of a skill matters.

Enhanced matches

Improve your results on the myNexus Network, find complementary or analogous matches.

  • Start up

    Create your own start-up business and choose your funding, premises, location and offering

  • Make decisions

    Achieve in short bursts when you’re on the move deciding about price, marketing, staff and supply chain

  • Manage opportunity

    Deal with emerging real-world scenarios backed by academic research

Screenshot of myNexus ESI
  • Assess

    Get scores for each Business skill as well as an overall myNexus ESI score to benchmark performance

  • Evaluate

    Continuous play means you can see how your scores changes as your skills improve – the more you play the more accurate your scores

  • Capitalise

    Link your game scores to your myNexus Network account and get richer insights and matches

Why use the ESI app?

The point of playing the myNexus ESI app isn’t to tell you what’s right and wrong, it’s about helping you find the right FIT.

The pitch process is often approached by trying to appear ‘perfect’, so on both sides there is a tendency to hide the things we fear will be perceived negatively. This means you can easily end up in a business relationship that has unnecessary risk built in. Pretending to be someone else isn’t the best way to enter a marriage!

We believe that many investments fail because the relationship is a poor match, so if you have this information upfront you can connect with the people who understand you from the get-go and reduce wasted time pretending to be something you’re not.

On the flip-side, it also allows you opportunity to work with people with those skills to improve yours.

The presence or absence of an entrepreneurial skill won’t of itself mean an investment relationship will succeed or fail. It’s the combination of entrepreneurial skills in the context of the business that truly makes the difference.

What we measure

The measurement and analysis of the data we collect is based on the world's only scientifically proven test for evaluating entrepreneurship potential. As we grow we’ll be developing new games that assess more skills, but for now you can see scores relating to :

Financial acumen

Measuring business success isn’t just how much money you make, but whether you understand the cost and revenue drivers

Sales and marketing

Customer experience score tells you whether your approach to sales and marketing matches how your customers want to be communicated to

People skills

Employee satisfaction score will change as you make decisions that impact the working environment and the success of the business

Attitude to risk

Decision making isn’t easy when it comes down to the wire, so are you risk averse or skewed towards favouring risk?


Understanding how your emotional drive can influence your thinking and impact business results both positively and negatively


Often seen a key entrepreneurial trait we measure whether your tenacity plays a part in your business success

Education & Accelerator Programmes

There are many applications for the myNexus ESI from using as a qualifying criteria for entry to an accelerator programme through to measuring success of entrepreneurial education programmes. In fact, almost anything to do with entrepreneurship.

We’re pleased to offer both a bulk purchase service for the myNexus ESI app and work closely with universities and entrepreneurship schemes to integrate the tool into their systems.

If you’re interested in discussing how you can use the myNexus Entrepreneurial Skills Index please email us

Here are some of the people we’re working with:

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